Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Link exchange

Hello bloggers! I am looking for book review blogs with badges for my links page! (see menu at top) If you would like your link included there please comment below with info on where your badge is and I will add it! Thanks!


  1. Hey I'm just peeking in, from blog hopping, I'd like to follow you but bloggers follow section is not working for me *kicks blogger follow section in the shins*

    I have a button for my blog

    You can also find buttons from (She is actually a great source for EVERYTHING book blog)

    THose four have a ton of followers and have a blog button roll that you can use to get to other sites. Hope this helps. I'll follow you when follow starts working again. =)

    -Amanda P

  2. Hi thanks so much! I will pull your button and add it to my links page ASAP (its nearing supper time here right now! LOL) And I'll follow you as well!

  3. Wow, this is a great idea.

    I have a button over on my blog:

    Others I'd have to suggest for great book blogging and buttons would be:

    If those links don't work, you can find them on my blog role. Good luck! Following you also. :)

    Kelsa P.

  4. Hey Kelsa thanks for the links! I will add your button asap!!