Friday, August 10, 2012

Shenoah Reviews: The Magical World of Flower Fairies by Buddy Mays

Hi, I am Shenoah I am 11 years old and going into the 6th grade and this is my very first book review.

I read The Magical World of Flower Fairies by Buddy Mays. I really liked this book, it wasn't really a story it was more like information about fairies and what to do if you see one, what they like or don't like. It had pictures but I thought the pictures were kind of weird. I thought the book was probably for girls and boys younger than me. Like, a book your mom or dad could read to you at bed time and show you the pictures and stuff. It's a really good book for kids and I think parents should buy it. (Links to the authors books and website will be added very soon!)

Buddy Mays on Amazon