Saturday, April 13, 2013

Angel Reviews: Wotan's Dilema by Hank Quense

Wotan's DilemmaWotan's Dilemma by Hank Quense
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third book I have read by Hank Quense and I gotta say, I don't think he can write anything that isn't great! He has once again ensnared my imagination and given me a hell of a good time with Wotan's Dilemma.

A quirky blend of historic folklore and futuristic science fiction and fantasy, Mr. Quense had me eagerly turning pages, devouring the next scene while also literally laughing out loud. The characters and world of this book are so odd yet so easy to envision. The way it is described, you can see so clearly who what and where, right down to the awful smells of certain species. I find, alot of times, that humorous or satirical books lack depth and feeling. Not so here, though the story may at times be a bit hard to follow, in the end you will not be disappointed. I couldn't stop reading, just had to find out what happened next!

If you enjoy satirical humor I highly recommend not only this book, but also all works from this author!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Angel Reviews: Love in the '40s When Mail Came Twice a Day by Vivian Kline

Love in the '40s When Mail Came Twice a DayLove in the '40s When Mail Came Twice a Day by Vivian Kline
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wasn't sure what to expect from this book. In this day and age of instant contact via email, text and what not, how could I ever relate to something so...old and foreign? How could people have a relationship via written letters? Dating and engagement and love all through the power of the pen? Impossible! Or so I thought.

These two young people got to know each other in a way that our generation has sadly lost. Deeply, intimately on the inner level. Nothing superficial here. It was so endearing and makes me long for a time like this, with no bells and whistles. No technology can take the place of truly connecting with another human being like this.

But this is so much more than just a love story, it's a historic recall of days gone by. It's amazing how much we as a nation have changed in such a short time. I truly enjoyed reading this. It has left me melancholy and thoughtful.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angel Reviews--Grandelyn by Dionne Lee Nelson

GrandelynGrandelyn by Dionne Lee Nelson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me just start by saying: This book was awesome!

I am an avid reader of both the sci-fi and fantasy genres and I know very well that sometimes it takes quite some time to get sucked into the story. With Grandelyn I did not have this problem. I was hooked by page 3. This almost never happens!

The characters, and their world are described in such vibrant detail that as you read, you feel as if you are mentally surrounded by this exotic place. The sights, the smells the sounds appear and you are there.

It's exciting, it's emotional and it's convictions are relevant to here and now. Is it a good fantasy story? Yes. But, it is so much more. The lessons about life and inner strength are so empowering. It made me feel hopeful and not much does that for me these days. I enjoyed and approved of this book so much that when I was done, I handed it off to my 11 year old daughter and asked her to read it. She read it and loved it and when I asked her what she thought she said "I wanna be as confident as Ariyah." I just smiled knowing the message that got through to me, also got through to her.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy world, also women, young girls and just basically anyone who likes stories of empowerment and people overcoming the obstacles of life.

5 big bright shining stars for this one.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Angel Reviews: Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin

Good Christian BitchesGood Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I came across this book by accident, at the library and just kinda giggled at the title. I picked it up and read the back and thought, what the hell, I'll give it a go.

At first it was a little funny but, the more I read the fluffier it got and by the end it just seemed like a rip off of Mean Girls only with supposed adult characters.

Sure there were some really amusing situations but the story line just wasn't there and closure? forget it! loose ends abound!

Nice try I guess but no.....

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Angel Reviews -- Falstaff's Big Gamble by Hank Quense

Falstaff's Big GambleFalstaff's Big Gamble by Hank Quense
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was supposed to write this review ages ago but life got in the way. But you know what they say, better late than never right?

Let me first start by saying I am a huge, huge Sci-fi/fantasy fan. I am not, however, a Shakespeare fan. I have never read his works--at all. (although I will admit to googling the characters so I didn't completely miss the satire.)

I imagine Falstaff's Big Gamble could possibly piss off some people. You know, those with no sense of humor...but if you like a good laugh, dry humor and cheekiness mixed with just enough serious emotions to make it impossible to stop reading, you're gonna LOVE this book.

When I began reading I was really worried that I wouldn't "get it" since I really wasn't familiar with Hamlet at all but once I was finished reading I realized that I hadn't needed to google those darn characters anyway! Mr. Quense weaved the tale so that even literary dummies like me could enjoy it and laugh and actually feel....a little smart.

I don't know what else to say besides... just read it! If it doesn't make you giggle, there is seriously something wrong with you!

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