Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Angel Reviews: Someone To Love

Someone to Love (Montgomery, #21)Someone to Love by Jude Deveraux

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the 5th Jude Deveraux book I've read and since I adored the past 4 I cracked this one open with enthusiasm. When I finally finished I had mixed feelings. I did like the story for the most part, but there were just some parts that didn't really make much sense and seemed kinda tossed in to just finish it up fast. Almost like the plot got veered off where the author wanted it to go and so she had to just make up something to tie it all up at the end. It didn't really make sense.

From here on out some people might consider this spoiler so... you have been warned.....

Ok, so the main character Jace is all tore up over his fiances apparent suicide. So he buys this old haunted mansion in England near the place where she killed herself in hopes of finding out why it happened. At first I thought OK the ghosts had something to do with it, and the author sure makes you think that through the first half or so of the book. But in the end, the ghosts have nothing to do with it, we find out that the fiance actually had a lover way back in the way back and went off to see him the night of her death yadda yadda.. I wont tell you exactly what happened but it had NOTHING what so ever to do with the ghosts...

I also expected a little, ya know sex and romance. And most of you know I can't stand a book with nothing but sex scenes every other page but wait until the very end to have the two main characters get it on and then.. to have their first experience be while they are possessed by the damn ghosts is just... I dunno STRANGE and I didn't like it.

This could have been a really good book had the plot panned out with any sense! It is a good premise for a romance but I just didn't think it meshed well in the end. I was left a little unfulfilled and one thing I want from a good rmance novel is FULFILLMENT

So 3 stars...cause it wasn't horrible but it definitely wasn't a home run.

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