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Angel Rants 10/1/2011 Schools and Rules.

So I though I might just blog today about whatever was on my mind. And, right now what's on my mind is schools and the differences I've noted in the inner-city and rural districts.

It really amazes me how different they really are and you might think that this is gonna be all about violence and lack of real education, but it's not. It's about the frivolous unnecessary rules based on appearance or style.

I lived most of my life in a small town and went to a rural school that was medium sized and for the most part, from the outside looked pleasant enough. My oldest daughter, up until this year also attended school in this district.

Now, back in the day, and even these days I was and still am somewhat of a rebel when it comes to style and trends. My daughter is the same way. If it's strange or different, she will do it or wear it. Purple hair? Piercings? yes, and yes. Strange clothing, unique jewelery? yes and yes again. Needless to say, I was frequently in trouble for these things, as was she. She wore a tutu over pants to school and nearly got detention. I got told via note from the principle that her hair was a distraction to the other students and the learning process and had to be dyed to a "normal" color within 7 days or she would be kicked out of school. Her pants were too long, she needed new ones that fit properly, (mind you, I'm not talking bout the pants on the ground type thing here where the underwear shows, I'm talking, the girl is simply 4'11 and probably not gonna grow much more so the pants are simply too long.)Or, I needed to take them to the tailor and have them hemmed/altered. If not she would be sent home to change and if she didn't have the "appropriate" pants she wouldn't be allowed in school. Her piercings we not to be worn anywhere on school grounds....

Are you getting the full picture here? Talk about frustrating? I went rounds with the principal trying to understand why such superficial things were so damn important that it would lead the woman to want to keep my daughter from her right to learn! I don't understand how someones hair color or the pants they wear affect the inner workings of the brain?

Well, let me tell you. this woman, (the principal of the rural school district) basically told me I was a piss poor parent, ruining my child's life by letting her be herself and express her uniqueness though style and that I was flat out wrong. I was devastated because I like to think of myself as laid back, open minded and approachable. I feel that's how parent should be to their teens and here is this woman telling me: Nope, you're a horrible mother.

Imagine my surprise when I relocated my family to a big city, Pittsburgh to be exact. I was very apprehensive about the move and the schools seeing as they are "inner-city" Would my kids be safe? Would their education suffer due to inferior schools and teachers? Would the environment be too violent and deter my girls from learning?

I am happy to say that while the school district is a bit rougher, they employ metal detectors everywhere, even in the elementary schools and security forces on grounds all the time, as a whole, they are so much more RELAXED!

There are no stupid rules about what color or style your hair or clothes can be! If you have Piercings so what! You wanna wear a tutu and ballet slippers in the middle of winter, more power to ya! The only clothing or style restrictions they have is nothing overly provocative or sexual and nothing relating to drugs/alcohol/violence/gangs. Otherwise, let your uniqueness shine!

These inner-city schools really have it together, they focus on important issues. children's safety and the core of education, as it should be!

My daughter, has gone from a mediocre student with grades riding steady C's to all of her classes grades at A' or B's, the lowest B being an 88% and that is in math which is her worst subject. She is no longer worried that her appearance is making people judge her. She is allowed to be herself and just relax and learn and not worry whether she "fits in".


Take a pointer from the inner-cities and focus on the important detail and quit ruin our kids lives with your vanity and superficial non-sense! Don't judge a book by it's cover. I know that's cliche but really, when it boils down to it... it is the truth. Outward appearances should have no bearing on a persons worth. Hair, clothes, make-up, piercings, it's all irrelevant in the grande scheme of life so seriously, WAKE UP!

That is all. I just had to get it off my chest. Do you agree with me or not? I am interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions!

I'm out---

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