Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel's Cove Wants YOU

That's right! We are looking for two people to join our staff! Do you have what it takes? What we are looking for is not a tall or impossible order at all we simply need two motivated people with some spare time to help keep things running smoothly around here and timely!

We need one person to run/post MEMES. You would be responsible for posting such MEMES as: Teaser Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday , Follow Friday, On My Wishlist , In My Mailbox I would provide you with the info needed i simply need an assistant to make sure it's done because between contacting authors, reading, reviewing and real life offline crises that come up, I can not seem to keep up with them all. If you would like to fill this position, please either leave a comment on this post with your email info or contact me directly at You will be added to the "About Us" Page and become an Angels Cove Angel! (ok, cheesy I know but cut me some slack!)

I am also looking for someone who reads a lot of Romance Novels to sumbit Romance reviews. While The Kobra Kid and I are known to read ANYTHING, looking through our reviews I nticed that we tend to neglect the romantic genre and this will just not do. So We are looking for one person who absolutely loves reading and reviewing the differnt romance genres to join us! As with the above, if you are interested in this position either leave a comment with your contact info and a sample of your reviews or contact me directly at

Thanks everyone and we hope to hear from you soon!

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