Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning Mayhem by: Angel Food Banks and Other Stuff and Thingies.

So at 6am I'm up and at em'!

What's the day got in store for you?

For me? It's not as exciting as you might think. You see I have to go to a food bank today. Why you ask? Well, because I'm nearly out of food and I don't get paid/child support or food stamps (Yes, I receive food stamps and if you have a problem with that kindly kiss my ass and read no further... that is all)until the 14th.

I really hate food banks, they make me feel like a douche, a royal stinky douche cause really it's like total charity and I hate RECEIVING charity. Giving it? I don't mind at all when I have the extra to give! I actually LOVE the feeling I get when I am able to help someone out! but, when it comes to me having to take it... I feel so.... HORRIBLE.

It makes me think, is that how people feel when I help them out?? God, this is an awful feeling! What is wrong with me? I should be appreciative of the help shouldn't I? So why oh why do I feel so freakin' low?

Anyway, this place I'm going to really is nice. It's in a big ole catholic church and the people are really nice and there's more stuff than just food, there's clothes and toiletries and all sorts of goodies I guess but... I've only ever been there once before and I didn't even take everything they wanted to give me cause wow, I would have never used all that so, I only took what I needed. The people running it seemed surprised.

Humph! What else is on the agenda for today? High School Open House and Parent Teacher conferences...oh JOY! Between 12-4 today I have to go up to my oldest school and schmooze with the teachers and other parents whom I have absolutely NOTHING in common with so's that they can all sit back and judge me. Yeah, that's how it feels anyway. Wow, I'm just a vat of positivity today aren't I?

Anyway! I do have some reviews coming up, and guest posts by reviewed authors! Interviews! Yes I have those too! So don't worry, things on the blog-front are A-OK! just be patient! The upcoming posts will be well worth it!

So my question for you today? Have you ever had to use a food/clothing bank or other charitable organization? What was your experience like? Good? Bad? Ugly? Discuss!!

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