Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angel's Random Sunday Rant -- 5/15/11 -- Real Books

Hi ya'll, Angel here with your first Random Sunday Rant.

Since i seem to take so long reading books and reviewing them, I figured that maybe I'd start blogging about other stuff too. Hope ya don't mind, and if ya do...well, you know where the back button is right? Clickit!

So, what am I ranting about today? BOOKS! Real books. A lot of my friends are jumping on this new nook, kindle whatever band wagon. Well I've taken a look and even downloaded a kindle for PC program and gave it a whirl. Eh,I guess its ok but seriously, it's just missing something. Strange cause, it's portable just like a good old paper book. You can take it outside and sit on your porch swing and read, you can take it to the DR office and read it in the lobby, you can basically do anything you can do with a real book but still, to me it's just not the same.

I love the weight of the book in my hands. The smell of the well worn pages. Even the crisp sound when you eagerly turn a page. Maybe i'm stuck on nostalgia, I don't know but I think I will will be one of the last to go kicking and screaming into the world of e-books.

how about you? what are your thoughts? I'm interested to hear!


  1. I have to agree with you about ebooks. The environmentally conscious part of me is telling me that ebooks are a great idea and will safe trees but I just can't get used to the idea. One of the main parts of experiencing a good book is the weight of the book in your hands and the satisfaction of turning that last page. Not to mention watching the book move steadily to the left as you keep reading. No, ebooks are the spawn of the devil!

  2. before I started my book blog I would have never dreamed of having a ereader, but it does make it easy to do reviews - that being said I will always love the look and feel of a real book and if I am buying will buy in paperback form before anything.