Saturday, May 21, 2011

Angel Reviews: Soujon's Journey

Soujon's JourneySoujon's Journey by Marlee Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's been a long while since I've read anything in the YA genre, so I picked up Soujon's Journey a little hesitantly. Was I too old to enjoy a book geared toward the younger generation? Would it seem too simple? Predictable? I honestly had no idea at all as to whether I would enjoy it even a little bit.

I am happy to say that I was almost immediately sucked into the world of Soujon and The Sky Mountain People. Soujon's world is what I wish our world was, pristine beauty and harmony but like most young folks, she wants more. Following her youthful heart and what she thinks is love she makes a decision to leave home with a man who is not as perfect as she thinks he is. What ensues is a story that I think almost any young girl can relate to. (even us older girls too) Growing up isn't easy, love hurts and we can't change past mistakes, only learn from them and hopefully not repeat them.

This is a heart-warming story that I would recommend to anyone needing a lift of spirit in this world full of anger and violence. Soujon and the Sky Mountain People are what we should aspire to be.

I will definitely be reading this gem again!

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  1. OH this sounds great, I hadn't heard of this before but I might like this for a change of pace.

    And for you to give it 5 stars it has to be

  2. I've never heard of this author. Is she new?

  3. yes, this is one of the books I received for review.