Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheryl Reviews: Canyon of TheSoul by Charles L. Fields.

Canyons of the SoulCanyons of the Soul by Charles L. Fields

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Canyon Of The Souls
Charles L. Fields

Star Rating 2 1/2

Well I will start with the fact that it really took a lot of effort to get passed the first three chapters. I love a book to get me hooked within the first few pages and this one did not do it for me. The book revolves around a Boston lawyer who goes on a mission for a life insurance company owned by Mormons. I appreciate the authors attempt at familiarizing the reader with some of the Mormon principles and history but this part had me asking more questions to better understand what I was reading, and while I enjoyed the conversation with my husband when asking him to explain more in depth about Freemasons and the Illuminati, it distracted me from the actual book. Once I was beyond the third chapter and the mission was revealed it was easier to stay focused on the book. I didn't ever get the feeling of needing to get back to the book and find out the ending though. The author takes us on a scenic route to and from his mission. Very descriptive scenes made me want to visit and see for myself the beauty through Arizona and Utah and I get the feeling that the author loves a good meal because we read of every scrumptious lunch and dinner the main character had throughout his adventure was revealed to the reader. I only wish we were given a few more chapters and a lot more description of the actual mission. I wanted to be drawn into the scene more, there was no movie created in my mind by what I was reading.

I loved that the main character is from Boston, given that I grew up not to far from the city. Familiar places mentioned in a book as well as some new learned history about Paul Revere made me smile. The general plot was great but I wanted so much more from the core pieces. The main part of the mission started and ended and left me feeling like "that's it?". The book took us on a mission to take down a polygamist and on the way we get scenic tours, two love interests, some great meals, crystals with powers, and a history lesson or two. It was an ok read for me. I will end with saying that the last few chapters had me just as unfocused as the first. I usually beg to know what happens to the main characters at the end of the book, this one was just to drawn out. I guess the scenic tour to the mission was enough and I didn't need to see it going back home too.

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